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Apsaugos centras can secure your Object (apartment, house, commercial premises, buildings) using technical innovations in security sphere. We can offer various solutions for installing security systems, from standard to specialized adapted to  individual requirements:  
  • Installing security system.
  • Connecting to Monitorin Center.
  • Providing security (monitoring and response) service. 
  • Administration of security system technical maintenance.
  • Providing security system for contract of utilisation.
Fully operating security system will be designed, intalled and maintained by qualified specialists.
Installed security system is connected to Monitorin Center working 24h/day using different connection types - landline, internet, mobile internet (GSM and GPRS).
When security system is activated and alarm message is delivered to Monitoring Center, rapid response team will be sent to object instantly to clarify the cause of system activation and/or arrest offenders.