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Equipment for communication and detection of exact location (GSM/GPS technologies) is installed into vehicle thus enabling users not only to obtain information about vehicle’s location, direction of movement and speed but also to receive certain telemetric data from vehicle about ignition, fuel level, opening/closure of vehicle’s door, activation/deactivation of emergency lights, temperature etc. 

Accumulated data from installed equipment is transferred to Apsaugos Centras Monitoring Center’s data base using GSM networks. Here data are processed and stored in memory. eTransport users can access processed data in visual form (location in map, fuel consumption curve etc.) using standard internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) from any work place with personal computer or any laptop or mobile phone with access to internet. Users are not tied to particular work place or computer because no software is needed to install.

Monitoring Center operators maintain operation of installed equipment to ensure quality eTransport service 24h/day. Constant monitoring guarantees users will get highest quality service, timely technical support and response to alarm activation. Also users will be promptly informed about disconnection of external accumulator, problems with GSM or GPS connection - it will prevent possible data loss caused by unauthorized attempts to disconnect  eTransport equipment.

Paslaugos veikimo schema:

Registered users of fleet management and control system can:

monitor vehicle’s real-time position in digital maps;
obtain telemetric data reports about fuel consumption, driven distance, standstill/driving time;
observe state of measured parameters (emergency lights, doors, arrow...)
send text messages to and get answers from drivers;
coordinate driver’s selected routes;

Driver can be informed trough SMS or e-mail when:

Vehicle crosses state border of Lithuania Republic;
Vehicle reaches geographical area marked in digital maps;
Vehicle is in use not in set working time.