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Fuel control
Apsaugos Centras also developed feature for fuel control and implemented it in eTransport fleet management and control system. Fuel control enables users to monitor fuel level in vehicle’s or specialized mechanisms’ fuel tank.  Ways of implementing fuel control:
  • Connection through mechanical fluctuation filter to standard fuel gauge;
  • Connection to truck’s onboard computer using FMS interface; 
  • Installation of additional exceptionally precise voluminous fuel gauge; 
  • Installation of fuel consumption accounting device  - counter; 
  • Accounting fuel consumption by comparing driven mileage (from eTransport system) and fuel consumption rate. 
All the reports are displayed in graphical and numerical form with possibility to export to PDF and XLS files.
Our experts in Apsaugos Centras will prepare and offer you the most suitable solution. eTransport will provide easy and readable reports, register fuel pour offs, every fuel tank fill ant it’s exact date, time, place. These features will help in preventing  cases of fuel stealing when  fuel is poured from one fuel tank to another vehicle’s fuel tank.