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Apsaugos centras can offer optimal solutions for security and control to:
  • business and trade centers; ;
  • offices, cafes, storage and other purpose premises; 
  • construction areas;
  • technical objects - equipment for data transmission, measuring and POS;
  • consultations in security questions or advice in reconstruction of premises;
  • consultations in risk management, prevention of losses, cost economy.

Apsaugos centras qualified experts will prepare concept of security and management for buildings or premises in construction, will perform an audit of security and automatics systems.

After alarm activation of security system rapid response team instatly will arrive to location and find out reasons of alarm activation or/and arrest offenders.

Having disturbed building engineering systems and depending on failure adequate maintenance personnel will be informed and failure will be eliminated, accident removed or technical maintenance will be preformed.

Monitoring Center operating 24h/day is equiped with integrated remote monitoring and control systems:
  • Break-in and fire alarm;
  • entrance control and video surveillance - VSC;
  • heating, conditioning, ventilation and electrical automation controls - AVC (BMS).

  1. 50 times more reliable security service because of constant communication;
  2. lower costs for telecommunications;
  3. lower costs for municipal taxes because of BMS administration;
  4. comfort and simplicity of premise use;
  5. equipment required for providing service can be granted by agreement of utilization; ;
  6. full package of security and control service from same hands.

Apsaugos centras will secure your apartment at alluring rates. We provide higher quality and wider range of services in lower or the same price. Service costs are reduced strategically replacing expensive and unpredictable human factor with technical measures operating 24h/day and easily forecasted. 

Standard prices for monitoring and control of commercial premises*:
  • Minimum price 70 LTL
  • Up to 100 m2 – 1 LTL/m2
  • 100-200 m2 – 0,9 LTL/m2
  • 200-300 m2 – 0,8 LTL/m2
  • 300-400 m2 – 0,7 LTL/m2
  • 400-500 m2 – 0,6 LTL/m2
  • Over 500 m2 – 0,5 LTL/m2

Technical maintenance of building engineering systems (break-in alarm, entry control, video surveillance and recording, fire alarm etc.) is provided in accordance with agreements of technical maintenance or user settles payment individually for technical maintenance expert and his working hours.

Conditions for technical maintenance
  • monthly fee (calculated depending on object’s area and number of security system equipment units in it, valid only with signed agreement of technical maintenance);
  • arrival of technical maintenance expert to object located in Vilnius, Klaipeda or Kaunas at working hours and first hours of technical maintenace  - 59-79Lt. Every second and other technical maintenance hour - 59-79Lt. Non working hours and festive days are charged with 100% bonus. Arrival to object located outside the area of mentioned cities is charged additional 2Lt per kilometer.

    * All of the above prices are indicated without VAT

    More information at  Apsaugos CentrÓ.