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In providing fleet management and control service eTransport  Apsaugos Centras applies unique practice of performing connection control having no analogues in Lithuania. Connection control means Monitoring Center operators working 24h/day and their instant response to alarm messages: 
              • Activation of alarm button* - whenever there is need for help a rapid response team (RRT) is sent to location of incident.  
              • Activation of alarm and/or door opening* - Monitoring Center reaches contact person and according directions calls the rapid response team which operates instantly seeking to interfere with hijacking vehicle.
              • Movement from pre-defined safety zone* - Monitoring Center operators are informed about vehicle’s movement from controlled area and having got agreement from contact person will set rapid response team into action. 
    • Connection loss** - when problems with GSM or GPS connection occur Monitoring Center operators intstantly inform contact person or call technical maintenance service directly if necessary seeking to remove any disorder;
    • Disconnection of external maintenance - after disconnection of external accumulator Monitoring center receives alarm activation message and instantly inform contact person in order to prevent vehicle’s unauthorized use or stealing.
Also Monitoring Center operators can turn off vehicle’s engine or turn on audible sirens remotely thus preventing illegal vehicle use or stealing. 

* Service of rapid respose team is included in SatTrack package
** Tolerable connection loss time period for SatTrack package - 1h, Webfleet package - 24hl.